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Jul 28, 2017

In this podcast series, I sat down with the top writers from SF, LA, and NY to learn how they create great content.

You’ll be hearing their insights on overcoming their biggest challenges, the hottest tools they’re using right now for content creation, and how they foresee the future of content creation.

In this episode, we hear from In this show, we have

  • Mina Zivkovic from Canvas
  • Arielle Shnaidman from Accello
  • Nigel Stevens from BigCommerce
  • Chris McCarthy from JetLore, and
  • Kelly Johnson from

Here are some of their top insights:

Mina Zivkovic
- Finding a balance between selling your products AND creating content that brings value to the reader.

Arielle Shnaidman
- Figuring out and presenting the pain points, so they pull the strings of your heart, right away. And do it consistently.

Kelly Johnson
- Showing ROI from content...We have to be judicious, strategic, and frugal. Being able to show how a blog post or a whitepaper contribute to the bottom line.

Chris McCarthy
- Voracious need for content in general. Being able to keep up with the demand for new, unique, informative content is difficult.

Nigel Stevens
- Creating content that is actionable, that tells a story and matches user intent.

Jul 27, 2017

In this episode, Kevin Lyons shares his insights on:

  1. Real-Time Audience Composition with AI
  2. Hyper-Personalization - AI Driven Targeting meets AI Driven Content
  3. Communicating the value of machine learning to CMO’s

About Kevin Lyons:

Kevin is a Senior Vice President, Data Science, Digital Technology at Nielsen Marketing Cloud.

A data science and marketing technology thought leader, Kevin helps companies out-think their competitors by using data-driven insights to make better strategic business decisions.

Kevin is responsible for developing and evangelizing product vision as well as executing a variety of initiatives, including customer segmentation & profiling, data-mining and modeling, marketing optimization, predictive analytic platform development, and business intelligence solutions.

Fun Facts about Kevin - Kevin was a Ph.D. candidate in history with a specialization in medieval history. His first job out of school was selling life insurance. He eventually went back to school and got a degree in advanced math, which led him to the path of AI career.

Jul 14, 2017

I had a chance to sit down with co-founders of Monicat Data.  It's the first time I chatted with experts at the intersection of data science and art, so I took a lot of notes. 

What I learned:

  • How to quantify art... This is the first time I heard some articulate it so well. A must listen for anyone who thinks Art cannot be quantified.
  • How creative supporting organizations approach analytics 
  • Data Entrepreneurship learning lessons!
  • Product Management - How is it done in Art Organizations!
  • Covered tons of other topics - including my favorite - round of rapid fire questions! 

About Monicat Data: 

Jasmine, Cassie, and Kurt are co-founders of Monicat Data, a Data Management & Research agency specifically focused on bringing strategic data to Artists and Creative Supporting Organizations.

Since launching September of 2016, Monicat Data has aided creative organizations with data solutions ranging from notable names such as Springboard for the Arts, Rhymesayers Entertainment, Forecast Public Art. Fashion Week MN, The Bush Foundation and Mu Performing Arts--to name a few."

Monicat Data also offers 'Data for Art' workshops to the Minneapolis/St. Paul in the efforts of educating artists and creative supporting organizations on the power of data organization and strategy implementation.

Jasmine has a background in marketing analytics and an MBA.

Cassie has a background in music, computer science, and art.

Both Jasmine and Cassie love working on data that makes people dream.

Fun fact about Jasmine & Cassie: Aside from running their data startup, Jasmine is an avid yogi and Cassie is an opera singer.